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Quinciañera Cake

This is a fondant cake made by my little sister for her friend’s 15th birthday party.

A closer look…

The process…

These are my mom’s hands, she helped my sister giving the rose petals a realistic texture using a sponge.

Isn’t it beautiful? This was the first fondant cake she ever made and the first payed job she ever had. Unfortunately I didn’t get to taste it.

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Second Partial Exam

Its been a long time since I last posted because I haven’t had the time because there has been too much thing going on in my life and this next work took a loooooong time. So for this second partial evaluation I was supposed to draw 10 fashion figures that include all the different textiles I’ve been taught throughout the semester (Jeans, checkers, leopard, transparencies, taffeta, sequins, lace and ‘capitoneado’) and applying the different techniques: watercolor, prismacolor, chartpak, gel pens, liquid paper, and others. The idea was to make some kind of fashion ad campaign. My collection was inspired by flamenco which is Spain’s traditional dance, which I practice and is my favorite.

Hope you liked it :). May it all be for His glory.


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