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This next designer is now one of my favorites (you can tell by the number of looks I liked). Jenni Kayne decided that she was going to be a fashion designer when she was 8 years old. In 2003, she was just nineteen when she launched her line.  Her first appearance in Fashion Week was in 2005 and became part of the CFDA three years later.

“My customer loves fashion, but she wants clothes that she’ll go back to again and again. And that’s what I want to give her.” – Kayne

These next looks are some I’ve selected from her past seasons.

I like the simple feel to her clothes and how they look so sophisticated, I could wear any of her looks. I can definitely say Jenni Kayne is one of my favorite designers, and one that I look up to. You can find more about her and her designs clicking the link bellow.



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I really liked this designer’s creations, but I liked them even more after I read a little about Jesse Fern Kamm. She was born in Illinois, then moved to California where she pursued a modeling career, which enabled her to travel around the world and fall in love with clothing, photography and others.

What I find really interesting about her is that she is committed to sustainability. You can read more about her in her webpage. This next pictures are some of my favorite looks from her SS 2012 collection “SAIL”.

I really like the simplicity and cleanness of her garments, the color palette and the effortless way they are put together. You can even get the same feel from the background in these pictures, how everything is just about a relaxed chicness. LOVE.

webpage: http://jessekamm.com

biography: http://jessekamm.com/bio.html

blog: http://jessekamm.blogspot.com/


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