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Prom Dress

Last year I decided to take the challenge of designing and making my high school prom dress. Without any training on neither sewing nor design I got my self into a big project. At the end all the hard work was worth it. I didn’t just enjoy my prom night feeling beautiful with my gown, but I learned so much about sewing, beading and pattern making during the process. This was my final sketch:

Complete view from the front…

…from the back.

Close ups…

A more detailed look at the beading…

This has been my biggest project as an aspiring fashion designer until now. Now that I’m actually learning at school about what I love, I hope to be making much more. The sad thing was I forgot to take a complete view picture of myself wearing the dress, but I’ll be having a photo shoot soon and hopefully will be uploading those later.



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Watercolor Sequins

This is my homework from my Textile Illustration class. We just started the second partial and now I’m going to be learning to draw different textiles using watercolors. The first texture I learned is sequins. It was really fun to make!

Fun Fact: They are wearing Louboutins if you can notice the red soles.


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Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai are the designers of this beautiful brand I love. They both graduated from Parsons in 2003 and have been working together ever since. They find their inspiration from vintage collections, their personal style and natural objects.

It is kind of evident my love for their clothes since I couldn’t shrink down the number of pictures because I love them all! I guess the reason why I like Vena Cava is because it’s totally my style, simple designs enhanced by subtle details and elegant fabrics.


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Partial exam



This is my exam from my fashion drawing class. We were suposed to draw two fashion figures that wore the 5 types of textiles we had learned to represent in this first partial (jeans, leopard print, checkers prins, jacket, see through). This is what I came up with 🙂

Este fue el primer examen parcial de mi carrera de la clase de figurín y de representación de textiles. Tuve que dibujar dos figurines que tuvieran poses con movimiento y que estuvieran vestidos utilizando los cinco tipos de textiles que aprendimos a dibujar en el parcial (mezclilla, capitaneado,leopardo, pata de gallo y transparencia). Estos son los dos litiga que se me ocurrieron. 🙂


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