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Art Exhibition: ¿Aisle or Window? by Hugo Garza

On December 8 was the inauguration of Hugo Garza’s latest art exhibition with the title: ¿Aisle or Window? The artist does his work while sitting in an airplane and flying up in the sky. He began doing this because it is an extraordinary way of using the time he has in the hundreds of flights he has to take for his job as a business man. I really admire this artist, I’ve never seen something similar and its just amazing how he can manage to find a way to do what he loves in spite of the big and hard demands of his job. This was the invitation to the opening event in the art gallery ‘La Maquina’ in Monterrey, Mexico.

This is a painting called “Egolanding”. If you take a close look you will find the artist’s profile.

More pieces.

A friend of mine holding the flyers.

I encourage you to check out this artist. He’s about to reach the 1000th on-plane art piece (meaning almost a thousand flights).

Here’s the web site:





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Drawing with an eraser

This is something I draw during a summer course I took this summer in San Antonio, Texas. I was experimenting with the technique of filling up all the paper with charcoal and then drawing by taking it of. I really enjoyed it, the best part was getting dirty.

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Second Partial Exam

Its been a long time since I last posted because I haven’t had the time because there has been too much thing going on in my life and this next work took a loooooong time. So for this second partial evaluation I was supposed to draw 10 fashion figures that include all the different textiles I’ve been taught throughout the semester (Jeans, checkers, leopard, transparencies, taffeta, sequins, lace and ‘capitoneado’) and applying the different techniques: watercolor, prismacolor, chartpak, gel pens, liquid paper, and others. The idea was to make some kind of fashion ad campaign. My collection was inspired by flamenco which is Spain’s traditional dance, which I practice and is my favorite.

Hope you liked it :). May it all be for His glory.


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Watercolor Sequins

This is my homework from my Textile Illustration class. We just started the second partial and now I’m going to be learning to draw different textiles using watercolors. The first texture I learned is sequins. It was really fun to make!

Fun Fact: They are wearing Louboutins if you can notice the red soles.


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I must say that this designer is a real artist! Renata is a Canadian designer and artist. In her webpage you can find not only her designs, but her artwork as well, which are the drawings that inspire her GORGEOUS, one-of-a-kind garments.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All of her garments are hand-made and they are a reflection of the artwork that she first puts onto a canvas.

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Human eye

Colosenses 3:22 Siervos, obedeced en todo a vuestros amos terrenales, no sirviendo al ojo, como los que quieren agradar a los hombres, sino con corazón sincero, temiendo a Dios.

Colossians 3:22 Bondservants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh, not with eyeservice, as men-pleasers, but in sincerity, fearing God.


Learned how to draw an eye with the help of Drawing the eye

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